in the past i was against “anco” but now idc bc its so much shorter than writing out “animal collective” lmao

ayye i got a message from somebody who likes anco! apparently he was in my sophomore english class but like i dont know him at all hehe. 

need to post more actual stuff on my fb and not just like one song every two weeks lol. anyways friend me on fb

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cats are definitely better than dogs. ive had a dog in my house for like two months of my life and ive definitely decided cats are better. like dogs are 100% good but cats are 120% good

my me n val tag is flawless immaculate

can’t wait to own cats with u

i have no interest in any kind of combination of peanut butter and chocolate for a dessert or candy

yea tru after posting mine and ppl commenting i just decided i was gonna do random roomate to find someone who was different rather than too much like me

im just looking for someone who won’t get annoyed at my weird music all the time B^)